Ping Pong the Animation

Ping Pong the Animation ★★★★★

Ping Pong the Animation is perhaps the most exciting mini anime series I have ever seen. And it's amazing how it starts from such a simple conflict or premise, maybe one that has been used before by many other plots, but this show manages to take a turn and lead with its incredibly fresh style and flawless execution. I don't say this lightly. For an 11-episode anime, it is so close to perfection that I'm speechless. It's more than impressive how the colors make up for a perfect aesthetic for the type of world we are taken to (Expressed by my girlfriend in other words) It's impossible to not highlight the colors in this show. Despite not having the most high-budget or beautiful animation of all time, they managed to give us an incredibly original style with a numerous amount of them. This completely cancels visual monotony, something that many animes are able to do, but I think Ping Pong excels in it by far. The character writing is amazing and it's perfect until the end. The characters grow, but they don't change, they keep their ambitions and inner selves alive, a majestic development and an amazing example of the inner flame of passion. The pacing of the series is fantastic, and the adrenaline and excitement never dies, it is there, even in the dramatic moments. The show never loses its essence even when it dares to explore new horizons and elements in its core. The scenes in black and white are delightful and incredibly handled; some shots like the butterfly shot stand out high with their message and it's truly amazing to experience it. Finally I cannot finish this review without mentioning how amazing the opening is, and how incredible the soundtrack is, I'm sure I'm gonna listen to it infinitely. The great team behind Ping Pong took the sport genre and redefined it, going through a broad amount of themes which fit perfectly into the simple but textured story. This has character, and it undoubtedly set a high bar for other media from this genre.