The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ★★★★½

My feelings don't correct the incoherence that this movie projects with its frustrated plot points, but they do ignite so many things through its lens that I cannot help but adore the emotional tsunami that this crashed against my shores. Watching this movie felt like living again through the past month, full of draining and sudden events, but also in a way it felt like the relieving moment that I experienced exactly earlier today...

Spider-man has always been one of my favorite characters independently of the medium or interpreter. Spidey and Peter always feel in a constant race for maturity, a forced one that sometimes causes conflicts inside of him and those that surround him. This rushed line that he follows always seems to make him fall a step behind despite his apparent speed, and the things that he pursues many times slip regardless of his sticky webs. He feels he isn't ready many times, to love and to fight at the same time to know what to do, and when he is ready, he feels outgrown and guilty of the outcome.

“Do I have to lose you too?”

There are many amazing films that show Peter's identity struggle, but this one in specific made me feel his uncertainty as my own. The failed supervillain figures just helped me focus more on how Peter's divisiveness becomes his true antagonist. He knows he has to let go, for love, yet refuses to accept it when then time is come. I wonder if that quote on the wall was for Gwen or for himself. He tries to escape from this haunting chain that gives him an erroneous sensation of selfishness. It is not, it's just doubt, fear of missing the right timing, of pushing too far away or pulling too close to him. He feels like a shooting star incapable of reaching balance and remaining in the heavens of his dreams, in the gaze of his love.

The last scene means everything to me because I feel Peter doesn't move on, he feels incapable of doing it all of a sudden, but he performs again for those two blue eyes which are now closed and does what they'd wish to see him doing one last time before the last goodbye.

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