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  • Bhoothakaalam



    amme enniku ethum pedi ulathu nthu anu ennu ariyo? Snehikkunavr nammale manasilaakathathu”

    Some personal things being weird and confusing, I went into this movie. Vinu is literally me. Well, we have the same characteristics:

    Everything has to be about me. People need to listen to me. I need to get all the attention. People need to worry about me.

    Then again everyone is like that.

    The movie did point out these things to me. Intentionally or unintentionally. The horror elements…

  • Udumbu


    This movie’s music was so amazing that I closed my eyes and listened to it for a long time. 

    But when u open it u will experience magik.

    The music is what makes this movie so extraordinary:

    Intro bgm: 🎶 pa pa pa paaa paaa pe pe pe, step go, step back baby, step go, step back baby, dont step foward to me, turn back, don’t step the forward to me 🎶

    Dirty politics bgm: 🎶biiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, dirti poaltocssssssssssss 🎶