Little Women ★★★

Beautiful to look at and impeccably cast. Florence best-frown-in-the-game Pugh is wonderful.

At the risk of sounding like a bad feminist even if there is a positive message for girls and women, I don't like sentimental, stilted/affected dialog, shamltzy coming of age movies and I never have. I believe those things are part of the essence of source material, so none of my issues with it are really any one's fault here, it's just not remotely up my alley. 

One structural thing I thought didn’t work was the jumping around timelines. Sometimes it made a turn all the more dramatic but mostly  it made it so the story didn’t build as it should have. 

I'm glad Greta Gerwig is making movies that are getting attention. I wish more women will be given that chance soon too, especially women of color and those directing genres I'm into like horror, fantasy and crime. While my tastes haven't aligned with hers yet, I hope Barbie is going to be phenomenal.

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