Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★½

It's like if Sam Levinson read all of the angry reviews on letterboxd about his previous movie Assasination Nation and decided to make another movie to defend himself from those accusations.

And that's honestly a little bit pathetic because you cannot watch the movie and not think that every single stupid and absurd word that comes out of Malcolm's mouth is what Sam Levinson really thinks, of himself and everyone arounds him. I bet he is a very confident person, because otherwise I don't understand how he thought that making a movie for the only purpose of justifying it was a good idea. Because, clearly that's the only purpose and all the drug thing is absolutely secondary, which makes me laugh since it is actually the only authentic part, if we stick to the idea of the movie.

I just imagine he woke up one day and said to himself 'I'm gonna make a movie where I talk about how it's right for white people to speak about blackness so that this time people can't take it out on me for being a white man and speak about blackness'. And that's why there are tons of lines where Malcolm speaks about being black and I honestly didn't know if to laugh or be embarassed for Levins because he is a fucking white guy! Malcolm talks and talks about the fact that if a black person makes a movie starring a black person it ain't necessarily politic, but I sincerily wonders what the fuck does Levinson know about being black?

Now, let me just say that the whole "being white and making movies about blackness or being straight and making movies about the lgbt+ community" question is open and, while I do not really agree with Levinson, isn't his point of view on this aegument that bothered me. It's how he treated it. He merely present the question and making the character aping left and right with an angry tone, but doesn't really reflects on the topic. What are the thesis he brings on the subject?

He just makes a list of other filmakers who have done it before him. Like a f u c k i n g c h i l d! Like a fucking child who complays while crying saying "look mom, the others did it, so why can't I?" I bet he never really questioned if it is right or wrong, he is just so sure to be right that he only had to express his thoughts.

And what annoyed me the most is that he points Barry Jenkins for Moonlight and I wonder if at least he fucking knows that this movie is based on a piece written by a gay person! But I don't think he bothered searching informations about it because again, that's not the point. The point for him is to show he is right because hE iSnT tHe OnLy oNe. What a mature reasoning, oh my god!

With that being said, there are different flaws within the movie. I usually like movies that are all the way discursive (that's why I love Xavier Dolan's angry dialogues) but this wasn't the case. Those were not dialogues, those were monologues which felt too distance one to another and not only because there are basically pauses between them, but also because they are about slightly different topics. In this way the movie appears divided in different blocks, none of which was enjoyable.

The only good things, I guess, are the direction and Zendaya and John David Washington's acting but that's honestly far from being enough.

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