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  • I Am Not Your Negro

    I Am Not Your Negro


    I Am Not Your Negro:

    This film is absolutely beautiful. (I feel as if this is kind of an understatement) Not only is this film a beautiful documentary, it almost feels like poetry. The words written by James Baldwin and that are spoken by Samuel Jackson, feel as though if they have weight to them. As if your in the mind of Baldwin himself. With the documentary tackling an issue/subject, that's hugely “touchy” here in the states. It gives a…

  • The Host

    The Host


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    The Host:

    I've heard about Bong Joon-ho before, especially for his 2009 thriller Mother. But recently (thanks to my film class) I was able to find a reason to seek out his sic-fic/monster movie The Host. Overall Bong Joon-ho does a really good job of conveying so many emotions throughout the film. He's able to make you laugh one second and cry the next, while you're still remaining on the edge of your seat. This would normally be a downside…

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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


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    Under the Skin

    “Eyes are the window to the soul”

    Under the skin, a movie about an “alien” (Scarlett Johansson) being given the task to use humans for some sort of consumption. Upon first watching, most audience members are going to be confused as to “what the hell is going on?” Which is completely understandable. Jonathan Glazer's movie isn't for everybody. But that's not to say the film isn't filled with multiple and intricate layers depicting aspects of identity and…

  • Something in the Air

    Something in the Air


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    Something In the Air (Après Mai):

    Olivier Assayas film something in the air tells a story of group about a teenagers during the summer of 1960. (an important year according to my professor) Despite being a coming of age film, Something In the Air tackles the feeling of being lost and not really knowing what's going on in life. A feeling everyone goes through in life. The main character within the film Gilles (played by Clément Métayer) is often times…