The Lighthouse ★★★★½

Oh my God! This film’s been on my watch list since I first heard about it this summer. Even though I haven’t seen the Witch (which I plan on seeing) I’ve heard pretty great things about Robert Eggers as a director. Which ensued my excitement for this movie. Wanting to see what he’s cracked up to be. But none the less The Lighthouse wasn’t a disappointment. It’s incredible! Filled with a lot of character and life; the lighthouse is something incredibly unique. I think my favorite thing about this movie is its cinematography. Everything’s amazing; shot almost like viewing life through a Kodak film reel. It’s so cool. Apparently Jarin Blaschke spent a long time trying to achieve this, He also tried setting a certain tone by using a certain aspect ratio and by using this filter that eliminated as much of the red and green light as possible to give off a very “Cold and Blue effect.” I think it perfectly gives off that silent film type of aesthetic, that the two (Eggers & Blaschke) where going for.
Aesthetically this movie's amazing, the writing in this movie's amazing, the acting in this movie’s amazing! It’s just great! This probably one of my favorite pieces to come out this year. It’s truly a work of art. I’d recommend seeing it (if you haven’t already) and to possibly see it again (I know I will) this is a movie where you’ll probably miss a lot and need some explanation on your first viewing. Which is Okay? The films very “thought-provoking” as it jam packs a lot of thematically ideas all at once. So it’s definitely worth having a second viewing to clarify and to fully piece together everything. I personally had difficulty with understanding the dialog, as it seemed to be a lot of cryptic sea sailor talk, which I’m unfamiliar with. But none the less I really enjoyed this film. I can’t wait to watch it again!