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  • Psycho
  • Return of the Jedi
  • Wild at Heart
  • Fallen Angels

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  • Don't Blink


  • Sleepwalkers


  • Hard to Be a God


  • Case 39


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  • Sleepwalkers



    backed by some truly loony and esoteric lore that receives no exposition, a truckload of cameos, courageous little cats, madchen amick, and oedipal psychic catbeast vampires which could've only come from stephen king's coke addled head. probably in my top 5 stephen king movies. though it is both genuinely funny at times and also very disturbing in concept, it has an overall goofy tone that i wish it didn't go for. it could really be a serious horror movie, but…

  • Hard to Be a God

    Hard to Be a God


    an overwhelming and immersive sensory overload. every frame of this movie is so jampacked with textural details that you will start to quickly become disoriented, with characters constantly moving in and out of the frame doing god knows what, crowding the tight close ups with spears, slimy fish, random bits of trash and shit, eyeballs, and their own leering gazes. the camera is very concretely its own character in this movie, being regularly acknowledged as characters look into it as…

Popular reviews

  • A Snake of June

    A Snake of June


    self-awakening - june, the beginning of summer. steamy and wrapped in humidity. everything in this film is wet ~~~ the streets, the windows, the people, their skin ~~~ dangerously erotic, but not pornographic. very little nudity or explicit sexual acts. no, the sensory pleasure is seen entirely in their faces, those agape mouths and twisted expressions of pure joy (and humiliation, sweet humiliation) ~~~ seeing those faces they make and understanding what they need.

    repeated throughout the film are shots…

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One

    (This movie definitely has a huge audience. I am not it.)

    The perfect movie for Deadpool shirt-wearing, Rick and Morty quoting, all-night gaming, Hot Topic shopping, Mountain Dew chugging, reddit commenting, 30 year old virgin Nice Guys ™ who immediately send friend requests to female gamers when they encounter them and then go to wonder why girls never like Nice Guys™ like them. It's a movie for the gatekeepers, the guys who scoff at people whenever they misquote a Star…