Hereditary ★★★

I don’t really wanna say much on this until I see it again. Saw it last night and have been thinking about it ever since. I’ve had some very strange feelings on it - by the time it was finished, despite phenomenal performances, absolutely killer cinematography, editing, sound design (basically every technical aspect of the film), masterful buildup of tension, yadda yadda,,,,,,I still didnt really care for it. I dont really know why. Could be I felt like for the majority of its runtime it felt like it wasn’t going anywhere, and by the time it actually went there, I had lost interest,,,,,,I think? Could be I felt like I wasn’t prepared for a story that was this obfuscating, one that requires to pick up all of the (in retrospect, obvious) hints required to make sense of where it was going. Honestly, I dont know. I’m sure the hype hurt my experience greatly, and while at the time I didn’t want to see it again, right now I’m thinking I wanna see it again right away.

I want to drink the Kool Aid, folks. I was gonna have a lower rating but the more and more it marinates the more I’m liking it aside from just its aesthetic value. Thats why I’m giving it 3 stars. For now.

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