Slugs ★★★★½

"But I tell ya what, how 'bout when I do get back, we get naked and get crazy?"

A bunch of killer mutant slugs ooze their way into an idyllic 80s suburb. They cause a lot more damage than you'd initially think.

Seriously, there is some really gnarly gore here. I particularly enjoyed the scene when a bunch of worms exploded out of a man's face. Also, I don't know how much the actress who rolled around naked covered in slugs got paid, but IT WASN'T ENOUGH.

The score of this was magnificent. It was like a cross between a late 80s-early 90s sitcom and a Hitchcock movie. Regardless, it was entirely unfitting and melodramatic and lovely.

MIKE BRADY reminds me a lot of DR. TED NELSON, except MIKE BRADY cares SO FUCKING MUCH about what he does. He'll health inspect the shit out of you, he don't give a fuck. I've never seen such a sassy health inspector. It's pretty inspirational how much he cared about his job.

I think I liked this more than Pieces. It's still super gory and nasty but it's also got a bit of tongue-in-cheekiness charm and some wonderful 80s interior decorating so I'm all for it.

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