Blade Runner 2049

Hard to put a number down for this one. There's so much to love but also some elements I didn't like or made me need to rewatch this and the original to make sure. 

In a lot of ways I might like it more than the original. They found a great way to make Gosling's character a lot more emotionally resonant than Deckard in the first. In other ways it confused me about Deckards relationships in the first and made me want to rewatch the original to see it with this new perspective. Maybe that could even improve on the original?

The sights and sounds are immaculate. From the beautiful costumes design and jealousy inspiring sets, to the tangible sounds effects over the haunting score and incredible landscapes. Every frame a painting?

What I didn't like as much was Jaret Leto's scenery chewing performance and how at least two or three times the movie felt the need to recap itself to catch us back up. For the most part, nothing is spelled out too much and the exposition is minimal and well done. Which made those couple moments jump out. Not something I would see Villeneuve do normally. 

Overall a great cinematic experience however. I want to rewatch the original and this one again right now. The 3D didn't particularly add anything, so I would see it as big as possible but not in 3D.

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