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  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist


    As someone who had watched The Room before watching The Disaster Artist I was very hesitant and cautious with my excitement. This film could’ve easily gone very wrong, but thankfully it delivered in every way it could’ve. I absolutely love this movie and it all comes down to James Franco.

    He embodies Tommy Wiseau with all of his mannerisms and quirkiness. You didn’t see the actor you only saw the character he’s playing and that’s a very high compliment for…

  • Fractured



    I was somewhat interested in watching this movie. Mainly for its premise and I’d heard some good things from an article on Facebook. It stated it had lots of twists and turns and kept you guessing. I’m not sure who the person was who wrote that article, but I don’t think they watch a whole lot of movies. 

    For a film so heavily reliant on keeping the audience guessing, it was very predictable. Every twist and turn I saw coming…

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    As if I couldn’t be any more hyped to watch Uncut Gems I come across this Safdie Brothers gem on Netflix. As I was watching I just felt shame in myself that I hadn’t seen Good Time sooner. So unique and different to anything I’d ever seen and far more artsy than I was anticipating. And I will never think of Robert Pattinson as ‘that guy from Twilight’ ever again.

    The Safdie brothers created a modern thriller masterpiece. The dark…

  • Drive



    I can now thankfully cross Drive off my list of films I am ashamed to say I haven’t seen and boy am I glad. I went in thinking this will be a cool action film with Ryan Gosling. What I got was much richer than that, much edgier and darker and I really enjoyed it.

    Ryan Gosling gives one of his best performances ever because here he isn’t the likeable, talkative pretty boy. His character is stripped back and is…