Mamma Mia! ★★★★

I watched this film for the billionth time last night and it still doesn’t lose the incredible energy that it brings. Where it lacks in logic it makes up for in amazing musical numbers and amazing energy. Mamma mia gets thrown on in my household more than a couple times a year so by this point it’s pretty hard not to love it.

They assembled this incredible ensemble of actors and they’re on screen chemistry is fantastic. The acting is good but cheesy but it’s self aware cheesyness and it works so well. The singing talent from some of the actors is something to be desired (I’m looking at you Pierce) but for the most part they’re all very good and even if they’re not it’s still a blast.

Like I said in the intro for this review it’s seriously lacking in logic and has so many plot holes, and I could sit here all day and poke holes in the story but what’s the fun in that. You have to just buy into the ridiculous nature of the narrative to be able to truly enjoy it. This movie knows exactly what it is, which is to be a mindless, energetic and fun musical and it does exactly that. The flaws in the story don’t matter at all to me because it just has so much energy and just when you think it couldn’t get any more fun and energetic Dancing Queen comes on and it kicks into a whole new gear. I find myself on my feet dancing and singing at the top of my lungs with the rest of my family from that point onwards. 

The way that the music intertwines with the story is a bit off sometimes but the musical numbers themselves are incredible and so much fun to watch.

Mamma mia is in no way a masterpiece and I totally understand if you don’t like it because you can’t buy into the absurdity of the plot but I for one absolutely can and I absolutely love this movie and it’s one of my favourite musicals.