Stalker ★★★★★

I LOST MY TARKOVSKY VIRGINITY! I’ve always put off delving into his filmography due to feeling like i’m not ready to experience it, but tonight i thought to myself fuck it, i’m gonna watch Stalker. I slept on it and i still don’t think you can ever really be prepared, nor can you recover from the colossal, tidal wave that is Tarkovsky. Similar to Noe’s work but even more so here, his projects feel like they’re more than just a film, they’re experiences, he’s speaking an entirely different language, he’s created a whole new medium that only he is able to exist in, like he’s drawing from no inspiration at all and his films are just a visual representation of his imagination, looking at our world, art, philosophy and belief systems from such a thoughtful perspective that could only come from the genius mind of Tarkovsky, visual poetry. The locations and cinematography are stunning if that even needs to be said, every piece of dialogue is so incredibly layered and nuanced to the point where it’s probably owed at least a couple more rewatches to even come close to soaking in what Tarkovsky is trying to communicate. Even just trying to summarize my thoughts and somewhat do it justice just makes me feel silly. Unbelievable experience, definitely a new favourite.

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