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  • Sicario: Day of the Soldado

    Sicario: Day of the Soldado


    Being on a bit of a Sicario high I was very excited to see the sequel to one of the best films of 2015. But with the absence of Denis Villenuve’s direction and Roger Deakins’ stunning cinematography and Emily Blunt I was a bit sceptical going into it. And while Stefano Sollima does a fine job, I really noticed a dip in quality. 

    This is in no way a bad film and there is a lot of positives to take…

  • Sicario



    Going back through a lot of people’s top movies of respective years I noticed that in the 2015 category Sicario was a main stayer. It’s fair to say I had high expectations for this movie but tried to contain it and judge it as if I knew nothing about it. This film exceeded my expectations to the highest degree and cements Denis Villenuve to me as one of the best directors working today. 

    Villenuve’s direction here is phenomenal. Right from…

  • The Breakfast Club

    The Breakfast Club


    Before rewatching this film I probably would’ve had it on a borderline 4 stars out of 5. But after a rewatch I’ve found a brand new appreciation for The Breakfast Club. It’s the perfect culmination of what makes a brilliant coming of age film. 

    What better director could you hire to make a movie like this other than John Hughes. The king of coming of age 80’s flicks and this is one of my favourites of his. While I have…

  • The Purge

    The Purge

    Why did I need to watch this film? Why has this shitty movie spawned a four movie franchise already? Why did my friends’ dad decide to watch this god awful horror movie out of any horror movie ever made? As you can tell I really didn’t like this movie.

    The Purge is one day a year where people can do whatever they want and they cannot be arrested. An actual cool concept with a lot of potential that embraced none…

  • Jaws



    Out of all the films that are included in my list of movies I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen, the top of that list would be Jaws. I don’t know why I’ve held off from watching this film for so long but I finally got given the opportunity to watch it and it did not disappoint. As a result though, I’m never swimming in the sea again.

    Such a simple premise yet so effective. Spielberg really makes this film…

  • The Aviator

    The Aviator


    Another top notch outing from the master Martin Scorcese. He proves to everyone with The Aviator, that he doesn’t need foul language, gangsters and violence to create a compelling story. After one watch this is right up there along with the best of Scorcese’s filmography.

    Helmed wonderfully by the master. He has this incredible ability to immerse the viewer into the world he’s creating and The Aviator is no exception. The aesthetic vibe sucked me into that time period. Everything…

  • Mean Streets

    Mean Streets


    Scorcese is my all time favorite film maker, although being quite young I haven’t come around to see all of his films which I’m a little ashamed to say. Mean Streets was really the film to put Scorcese on the map and introduced the world to one of the greatest actor/ director collaborations we’ve ever seen. Of course I’m talking about Robert De Niro and Martin Scorcese.

    While Harvey Keitel is the main lead in this film and is extremely…

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    My god, words can’t even describe how deeply disappointed I am in myself that it’s taken me this long to watch American Psycho. Ten minutes ago I had finished watching this masterpiece and since then I’ve sat here bewildered by what I just saw. One of the most complex stories I’ve ever seen. 

    It seems so clear cut in the first two acts of the film and in that last act it completely flips it over you’re head and leaves…

  • It



    Back in 2017 I was 14 years old and IT was really my introduction into the horror film genre and it gave me chills. Every frame had me on the edge of my seat and my eyes were glued to the screen. Two years later I’ve learnt far more about film and watched a lot of horror movies and IT still remains as one of my favorites.

    Apart from the horror element what this film had to nail was the…

  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist


    As someone who had watched The Room before watching The Disaster Artist I was very hesitant and cautious with my excitement. This film could’ve easily gone very wrong, but thankfully it delivered in every way it could’ve. I absolutely love this movie and it all comes down to James Franco.

    He embodies Tommy Wiseau with all of his mannerisms and quirkiness. You didn’t see the actor you only saw the character he’s playing and that’s a very high compliment for…

  • Fractured



    I was somewhat interested in watching this movie. Mainly for its premise and I’d heard some good things from an article on Facebook. It stated it had lots of twists and turns and kept you guessing. I’m not sure who the person was who wrote that article, but I don’t think they watch a whole lot of movies. 

    For a film so heavily reliant on keeping the audience guessing, it was very predictable. Every twist and turn I saw coming…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    As if I couldn’t be any more hyped to watch Uncut Gems I come across this Safdie Brothers gem on Netflix. As I was watching I just felt shame in myself that I hadn’t seen Good Time sooner. So unique and different to anything I’d ever seen and far more artsy than I was anticipating. And I will never think of Robert Pattinson as ‘that guy from Twilight’ ever again.

    The Safdie brothers created a modern thriller masterpiece. The dark…