Love Exposure ★★★★½

There is a whole lot of film in this film. There are multiple genres and the narrative flows in and out of each to create a tonally unique experience. There is so much packed into every minute of the movie that I felt like I had seen 4 different films by the end of it (not in small part due to the 4 hour run-time). The film never lulls during it's immense length and always has momentum - an impressive feat.

The film deals with a twisted love triangle of sorts between three people that come from differing religious backgrounds with abusive fathers. Tetsu wasn't as outwardly abusive as the other fathers but his brief depression and subsequent abusive phase warped Yu's behavior. Religion is often front and center in the film, bringing the characters together at moments and tearing them apart the next. Any which way, each character's life is drastically shaped by their Christian upbringings and/or conversions.

Other ever-present themes are love and perversion. This causes the film to be both sweet and disturbing at the same time creating a wild experience.... I'm boring myself with this review.

Funny, sad, sweet, weird, disturbing, wild... there are many words to describe this film, but the most important one may be 'original'.