Aspiring to gaining some ability of writing; all suggestions or negative comments of clarity highly welcome.

Favorite films

  • Memories of Murder
  • Drive My Car
  • Persona
  • The Truman Show

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  • Beau Travail


  • An Autumn Afternoon


  • Happy Hour


  • I Live in Fear


Recent reviews

  • Beau Travail

    Beau Travail


    Military discipline's carving of soul in able choreography, music use, and directing, followed with the soul's own sculpting of that routine in contact with those in the chorus surrounding it.

  • An Autumn Afternoon

    An Autumn Afternoon


    Go on. Take care of yourself.

    Interesting style, including the well-paced approach to the script- I just don't particularly take interest in the situation as it is, even if dramatically put in a special way.

Popular reviews

  • Decision to Leave

    Decision to Leave


    Now my present favorite of 2022, i suspect - a lot of precision & style in its romanticism and I will need a rewatch to sort out how it clicks, with the heart being tentative for it being on the higher end of a 9/10 rating; regardless I really liked the vibe Park Chan-wook made.

    One specific oddity is how easy it is to imagine an ending surprisingly-close-to halfway through (despite the fact that it doesn't sets it apart slightly more),…

  • TÁR



    You must never forget that music is movement, always going somewhere, shifting and changing and flowing from one note to another.

    Masterful. About definitely my top pick of the year, might rewatch tomorrow to maybe appreciate more. Any reign's transactional expectation of the rest to simply leave their life to its divine genius is misplaced- still, crocodiles survive, fallen though they are.

    Edit: Yeah, not high 9/10 as previously put, full ten out of ten.