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  • Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead

    I swear to god if I have one more conversation where this comes up that ends with me snapping "it's got nothing to do with Simon Pegg" I'm going to totally lose my shit.

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  • Tomie: Forbidden Fruit

    Tomie: Forbidden Fruit

    I watched this by mistake thinking it was the first Tomie. It was that sort of a day.

  • Pink Plastic Flamingos

    Pink Plastic Flamingos

    I have two pink plastic flamingos. I was so excited the day they came I wore my flamingo patterned socks to celebrate. I called them cinzano & bianco. It seemed to rain for a whole week after. They still looked majestic.

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  • The Man Who Fell to Earth

    The Man Who Fell to Earth


    To me David Bowie is the perfect person to play an alien. I don't think I'm actually convinced he isn't one. Nothing human could be that other worldly, that elegantly beautiful.

    Not so much a review as lost in a lovesick haze.

  • Ed Wood

    Ed Wood


    I don't like Johnny Depp but that was bloody good, annoyingly.