Sanditon ★★★★

Mr. Sidney Parker thirst-trapping us by sensually pulling himself out of a body of water? Been there, done that — we’ve seen the 90’s P&P. He’s supposed to be our hero who changes because of an independent woman showing him his faults and making him better and this is all true, he does that, he is that. He’s a good lead with abs and some truly brooding eyes, we get it, I’m not complaining! I do enjoy him as an Austen gent who we’re all supposed to be lusting after & falling for & shipping with our heroine — sweet, good Charlotte. But let’s not forget to honor our other kings and queens. YOUNG STRINGER HIVE — please RISE up. BABINGTON BABES — WHERE YOU AT? ESTHER EVANGELISTS — CAN I GET AN AMEN? MISS LAMBE MOPPETS — raise a pound note in the air and give it a hearty wave to honor our RICH and REGAL queen. 👑

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