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Favorites listed here are the last four movies I’ve watched & rated 5 stars. I’m pretty stingy with that grade! (Usually.)

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  • The Mask of Zorro

    The Mask of Zorro


    Anthony Hopkins, dying, clasping Antonio Banderas & Catherine Zeta-Jones' hands together:

    "I just want you to know… I think… it would be incredible… if… you boned~~ 🥀💀"

    Addendum: there are at least 3 times that a mountain lion’s scream gets edited into the sound FX bed of a fiery explosion, which is very unnecessary and also rules

  • Atlas Shrugged: Part I

    Atlas Shrugged: Part I

    Ah, yes: Succession for dipshits. Delightfully terrible in every way. None of it makes any goddamn sense, even under the umbrella of laissez-faire capitalism that Rand espoused. The only “shackles” on these would-be titans are how phenomenally poorly they understand everything, including 101 economics. A character in this is named “Balph Eubank”, however, which is excellent. All Republicans should be given the honorary first name Balph.

    Was the lookbook for the male lead just screengrabs of Alec Baldwin as Jack…

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  • Joe Versus the Volcano

    Joe Versus the Volcano



    Oh man. So glad I finally checked this out, what a rare and lovely energy it has! I thought I had an idea what it would be like but I was mostly wrong — and glad I was, the actual vibe is way better (and more up my alley) than what I’d imagined. This one came straight down the middle at my brain’s face, emotionally, same as Palm Springs did.

    Meg Ryan, beyond crushing…

  • Constantine: City of Demons - The Movie

    Constantine: City of Demons - The Movie

    Gritted my teeth to finish slogging through this waste of time mostly so I could talk up the refreshing politics from the 80’s/90’s Hellblazer comics, which I’ve been revisiting. Constantine dunks on Thatcher and the Tories, butts heads with neo-nazi thugs (from real world hate groups), and was literally saying ACAB all the way back in 1989. Don’t get me wrong, I know Supes fought the Klan in the 40’s on radio & whatall, but it still feels novel to have that…

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Good god. What a ramshackle affair this is. Whichever puppetmaster is to blame, Abrams or Disney, this is an almost DCU-level “please no one” franchise entry. I think JJ Abrams has fine chops for getting things rolling — see: LOST, the first Star Trek reboot, The Force Awakens — but much less talent for ending them. That alone would be a major problem for this movie. (And I think is why so much of this feels like a mishmash of…