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Favorites listed here are the last four movies I’ve watched & rated 5 stars. I’m stingy with that grade! (Usually.)

Favorite films

  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
  • Monster
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

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  • Lifeforce


  • Project A-Ko


  • Dragon's Heaven


  • Baoh: The Visitor


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  • The Mask of Zorro

    The Mask of Zorro


    Anthony Hopkins, dying, clasping Antonio Banderas & Catherine Zeta-Jones' hands together:

    "I just want you to know… I think… it would be incredible… if… you boned~~ 🥀💀"

    Addendum: there are at least 3 times that a mountain lion’s scream gets edited into the sound FX bed of a fiery explosion, which is very unnecessary and also rules

  • Atlas Shrugged: Part I

    Atlas Shrugged: Part I


    Ah, yes: Succession for dipshits. Delightfully terrible in every way. None of it makes any goddamn sense, even under the umbrella of laissez-faire capitalism that Rand espoused. The only “shackles” on these would-be titans are how phenomenally poorly they understand everything, including 101 economics. A character in this is named “Balph Eubank”, however, which is excellent. All Republicans should be given the honorary first name Balph.

    Was the lookbook for the male lead just screengrabs of Alec Baldwin as Jack…

Recent reviews

  • Lifeforce



    The first third or half of this, in its extended “Rendezvous with Rama [Gone Sexual]” mode, is so my jam. That extends to the lab and office scenes, too: an Olympics of being very repressed & British about the hot nude alien. The resulting tone is a weirdly perfect mix of straight procedural plus arch Hammer horror or EC Comics-esque goofiness, too. Fables of the Fatally Horny; Legends of the Lethally Erotic

    Also very into the scenes that evoke the “log…

  • Project A-Ko

    Project A-Ko


    They played pretty fast & loose on this one! Sapphic love triangles are only half this hard on civil infrastructure, tops

Popular reviews

  • Theodore Rex

    Theodore Rex

    There’s never as much info on movies like this as I want. Who cares how and why The Godfather was made, I need to understand why Theodore Rex exists! At least give us a kernel like with Tammy & the T-Rex, i.e. ”we had access to a dino robot for a week or two & every shooting location was 15 mins from my house.” Was there a firesale on puppet costumes from the TV show Dinosaurs? Did somebody’s cyberpunk spec script get…

  • Archons



    There definitely aren't enough canoe-based horror films out there. Deliverance looms large, sure, but the framework is at least a century old, what with Algernon Blackwood's short story "The Willows" providing a clear template to follow for anyone inclined. It's archetypal enough as a plot to feel like an influence on this movie, though thanks to the post-film Q&A, I know the filmmakers weren't actually familiar with it. (I caught this at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, where it premiered…