The Evil Dead ★★★½

Pretty good, but mostly made me want to revisit the zany brilliance of Evil Dead II which does everything this does but better. This screening did feature a remastered/redone version of the score which sounded great, & quite reminiscent of Jonny Greenwood’s score for There Will Be Blood at times. Not having seen this before, I’m not sure how much of that is in the original score or new to this remaster.

It’s weird as hell that more filmmakers don’t take advantage of moving the camera in the ways that are Raimi’s signature. This film is full of great POV shots that ride an uncomfortable line between funny & unsettling, and which aren’t that hard to do. Most modern directors seem to be enamored with pulling off impossible camera moves instead of the more effective tricks like those used here, and without access to even basic tools like a steadycam.

Ditto for the punchy editing like that in the shed sequence (another that’s topped by the sequel) which shows off an area of style that very few films seem interested in exploring or experimenting with. Wikipedia tells me the shed bit here was edited by Joel Coen; interesting! I can see that style coming through a bit in a few of their later films, but still not a lot.