Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

Massively convoluted politics coalesce with both misplaced comedy and an entirely nonsensical storyline, as seems to be the precedent with Snyder's works.

As is per usual, there's very little to say about a movie that really says very little, though it is almost noteworthy that the film is so not noteworthy. Army of the Dead is an entirely too forgettable saga of gore-centric zombie sweetnothings containing occasional, poorly handled "emotional" scenes as well as some weirdly left-leaning comedy frenetically thrown in that really just felt incredibly out of place? Out of place in the sense that the film seemed mildly right-wing due to its portrayal of the military and its general demeanor regarding violence -- nothing about the movie really works, everything feels out of its element.

I liked Tig Notaro in this I guess??

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