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  • Simon of the Desert

    Simon of the Desert

    Understands that 90 percent of Catholicism is starting to pray and then immediately forgetting what you were saying.

    This shit is hilarious.

  • Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

    Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind


    (This is the 100th new release film I've watched this year. Good work!)

    So, I'll add a bit of exposition here: Robin Williams passed away on August 11th, 2014. I never really considered myself a huge fan of him, but the news hit me at a weird time in my life, and I attempted suicide that same night.

    I had just graduated high school, I was facing financial rejection from my dream Universities, and I had no friends. I wanted…

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  • One of Us

    One of Us


    "Wikipedia was a gift from God. Yeah."

    *hits a fatty rip on a tricked-out vape pen*

  • The Beguiled

    The Beguiled


    Okay, but do you motherfuckers remember when Colin Farrell threw a turtle??

    In THE BEGUILED, Sofia Coppola writes and directs an airtight Southern Gothic narrative about fragile masculinity and gender politics, teeming with subtext and sexuality. It's awesome.

    What Coppola manages to do with 90 minutes is what most filmmakers wish to do with the entirety of their careers, and she does it effortlessly. Not only is her film solid as hell, it's hysterical and a blast to watch with…