Parasite ★★★★★

No plan.

Found myself nearly wailing by the end of this film. Haven't cried so hard since maybe SHIRKERS or FIRST REFORMED. I was heaving, this was far too much for me. I won't spoil anything, but please go watch this immediately. It's a masterpiece, top to bottom.

Don't let a single one of these neoliberal ideologues convince you that we are simply having a collective "eat the rich" moment. It's not going to go away. We are all realizing that we work for nothing, our backs fucking hurt, and we're so tired. To call it a "moment" is to trivialize the plight of the mass impoverished, and to brush a global class awakening off as some sort-of fad. If you scrolled through film twitter or listened to most of the podcasts discussing PARASITE, you'd think we all just discovered Poor People, like, yesterday. This is just another entry into the celluloid of the dispossessed, a radical call to awareness and a cautionary tale about being a traitor to your own class. The want to have is not perverse in and of itself, but it is reflective of perverse society that is far beyond saving, built upon the heads of the poor.

Poverty isn't liminal; it's where you'll die.

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