The Way Back ★★★½

Kind-of burnt out, so bullet points:

- Ben Affleck disapprovingly glaring at Chubbs do the shoot dance.

- Knew it took place in LA, had nooooo idea it's actually set in San Pedro? Beautiful sense of setting throughout. Made me want shrimp.

- It's really blue, maybe even too dark? I found myself squinting a bunch, but it could just be me. Still, I think I'm pretty warm on the way this looks overall; last shot of this film is deeply haunting and unreal.

- Ben is great in this. Dunno if I'm comfortable saying it's his best (we all need to revisit THE TOWN, imo), but it's up there. He's extremely internal, and does a lot of brow acting. I hope, a la HONEY BOY, this film helps him cope with his condition in some way.

- New rule: if Melvin Gregg is in your movie, GIVE HIM SOMETHING TO DO.

- Predictable all the way through, and that's perfectly fine.

- Uneasy balance between what kind-of film it wants to be, leading to an odd 60/40 split between addiction drama/sports film. By the end, the basketball starts to feel like an after-thought.

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