• The Lunchbox

    The Lunchbox


    A pure non-worldy pixie dust yet a very real love story. Food comes in all flavours so does love.

    It's a[ ]rom[n]atic as a well brewed coffee, deliciously with-holds the plot line like a well cooked chicken gravy and ends on a sweet note of hope like any traditional dessert.

    It's a full meal without peppy[er] stuff to disturb the smooth flow. Watch this if you are a foodie or a classic love story lover or a fan of Irfan Khan ji.
    It's shockingly intersting given the premise and the flow of the story. Get stunned by each and every detailed ingredient[Technicality] of the film.

  • Looper



    Predestination + Terminator + Primer.
    But it isn't good as any of the above.
    The sole thought of inducing high octane action sequences alongside family sentiment is really good. But branding it as a good time travel film would be ridiculous.
    The ending, though it seemed to tie the knots, it has left a lot of open threads and the end hair brush by Emily blunt gives rise to new doubts.
    Watch it with liberal jurisdiction over…

  • Wild Tales

    Wild Tales


    Wild tales is a 6 story anthology film with a runtime of 120 min. It's a thriller drama with tales of revenge. It deals with the most common situations but when the actions/ reactions are extreme. We'd have come across most of the 6 incidents in our life, as a victim or as the antagonist. We'd also have the same thought process of the characters in the film but we never dare to take the step and go to the…

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    B99 + HIMYM!❤️
    Solid story line, mesmerizing performances, decent comedy and love track! Don't these all factors factor this movie from the regular cliche rom-coms? Hell, yeah! They do!
    An independent woman, not a cliche story line, meaningful philosophies and not so pixie dust love story makes this an unique and a stand-alone romcom!
    Zombieland : Undead comedy
    Palm Springs: Infinite time loop comedy!

    Say cheers to the rom-com of the year! ( 4 months with covid surely feels like a year 😬 or wait? Am I struck in a time loop 😉😂? )

  • After



    Possibly the lowest average rated film which I'm reviewing.
    One sentence: My favourite GUILTY PLEASURE film!

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    When Call me by your name is made with 2 female leads, it'd be a bit less mesmerizing and magical than this.!
    Subtle romance and pixie dust love! The love between two women explored in the best way possible!
    The leads and the 2 supporting actors are at their best! The cinematography and the storyline is as beautiful as France in the 18th century!
    You'd need to take in gasps of air in the last 2 minutes! ❤️

  • Bulbbul



    My rating: 2/5.
    0.5 for the lead's performance, 1 for cinematography and periodic accuracy, 0.5 for BGM ( TBH... There isn't a unique track... But there's an amalgamation of beautiful and eerie tracks! )
    Story wise.... After 20-30 min into the film you can guess the climax.... Screenplay is lethargic and tiresome.... It's a slapstick story line which is so routine and has FORCEFUL FEMINISM... It's good that feminism is induced into it, but forcing it is really…

  • Coherence



    A microbudgeted sci-fi film with not soo complex astrophysical touch laced with drama which includes marital issues and past sexual tensions.
    The actors did their best. That's a single line which speaks volumes. No-one is very dumb, they've brought all possibilities into discussions just like the multiple realities out there.
    The story line is amazing, but it's the screenplay and the matured handling of the story to make it seem a bit perplexed and finally putting together all…

  • Artemis Fowl

    Artemis Fowl

    TBH, this is one of my fav Novel series when I was a kid/ teenager! I loved every bit of it and imagined a perfect cinematic version.
    But why!?!? Why do they've to make it so badly, they've the budget, they've the crew but nah! It never reached my expectations even at one single point!
    Give it a try if you so badly want to watch the cinematised version of your favourite novel and PS: get ready to be disappointed 😖

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    I definitely agree that this film is as amazing as any thriller could get with THE BEST PLOT TWIST. But, I've given it a good 3.5 for a sole reason. For some reason, I loved the book more [ ik this is pretty common, but this film is one of the rare set of films which could near it's source material ] and it has an unprecedented impact on me. Hence, my heart couldn't agree with my mind to give it a 4/5.
    PS: Ben Affleck and rosemund deserve special mention for enacting it soo well!

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    A perfect masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino. [ Btw Inglorious basterds is my fav work of him, but this is a masterpiece too, obv! ]
    The satires, Philosophical relevance, unfolding of drama, performances and the screenplay. OMG! I think they're one of a kind and are a benchmark for comparison with the epitomes.
    Probably, this screenplay was the first of it's kind and set a trend from then. A must watch I reckon.

  • Inception



    I was doing my schooling when I watched this film. I still remember my mind getting fucked back then coz of the film. Obv any rewatch now makes me think of this as a v well made thriller with a strong storyline and amazing Technical values.
    I like this film coz of 4 varying reasons:
    1) Strong Technical values, one of the most visually stunning stories.
    2) Well crafted thriller, has good adrenaline rush moments.
    3) Meaty story with…