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  • #Alive



    #Alive ( Korean film )
    For some reason I want to start with this point, #ALIVE SHOWS THE "VIRTUES" OF SOCIAL MEDIA. (Not an integral part of the film, but has a commendable role.)

    The film starts off on a racy note. Within the first 5 minutes, the outbreak happens and the lead moulds his brain according to that. After that, there is 30 min of lag (i.e., the humanitarian and psychological effects on him and a few dumb choices),…

  • Clue



    Wah! The quirkiness, the one-liners and the comedy. A straight hit out of the park.

    An amalgamation of high dosage of comedy and a decent story line is this unique product.

    Except a plot which looses it's steam in the middle and some loose screenplay, there is nothing to complain about this comedy mystery thriller in the departments of acting and technicalities.

    If you absolutely love situational comedy and quirky scenes & dialogues, you'd end up giving it a 4 star…

  • You're Next

    You're Next


    The writing of the character 'Erin' played by 'Sharni Vinson' is one of the most intelligent, interesting and intriguing protagonist character in a thriller/ slasher film. She's not the regular cliche 'dumbass' heroine who takes stupid decisions. She's kind of trained, v spontaneous and is strong (both physically and mentally).

    It's her character alone, along with the few good jump scares and commendable BGM which made me rate this strictly story-wise average slasher film a decent 3.5 stars.

    There's blood,…

  • Death on the Nile

    Death on the Nile


    It has the same skeleton as any Agatha Christie's product but with a more fleshy and satisfactory ending.

    A few can guess the ending, but detangling the way that the murder has been committed is quite fresh and idiosyncratic.

    The Technicalities are spot on and so are the actors. It's just that the run-time is too high that it looses it's steam in the first half.

    It's a perfect feast for mystery lovers.

  • Swallow



    First of all khudos to Haley Bennett and the director for making such an impactful pyschological thriller.

    The way she SWALLOWS things, we start gulping lumps of saliva (in this case, get yourself checked) or we feel very inconvenient and sick.

    The cinematography really escalates the peaceful yet chaotic resemblance of the lead's nature and the BGM goes hand in hand to create a tensed and disturbing atmosphere.

    The ending might not go well with everyone coz it's too subtle for a thriller. Give it a try if you want some unique thriller which is really disturbing!

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    B99 + HIMYM!❤️
    Solid story line, mesmerizing performances, decent comedy and love track! Don't these all factors factor this movie from the regular cliche rom-coms? Hell, yeah! They do!
    An independent woman, not a cliche story line, meaningful philosophies and not so pixie dust love story makes this an unique and a stand-alone romcom!
    Zombieland : Undead comedy
    Palm Springs: Infinite time loop comedy!

    Say cheers to the rom-com of the year! ( 4 months with covid surely feels like a year 😬 or wait? Am I struck in a time loop 😉😂? )

  • After



    Possibly the lowest average rated film which I'm reviewing.
    One sentence: My favourite GUILTY PLEASURE film!

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    I definitely agree that this film is as amazing as any thriller could get with THE BEST PLOT TWIST. But, I've given it a good 3.5 for a sole reason. For some reason, I loved the book more [ ik this is pretty common, but this film is one of the rare set of films which could near it's source material ] and it has an unprecedented impact on me. Hence, my heart couldn't agree with my mind to give it a 4/5.
    PS: Ben Affleck and rosemund deserve special mention for enacting it soo well!

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    This film was one among my watchlist which mustn't be missed in the theatres. To my luck, I watched it in the cinemas.
    Unlike the popular opinion out there, I found the film to be a decently engaging thriller but not a masterpiece or anything of such sorts.
    The premise was set up within very less time, the mouse chase began and then started the lag. Probably coz of my expectations I felt it to be decent but…

  • Eega



    It's an unique attempt by the visionary director. Sudeep and Samantha have lived through their roles and the BGM & subtleties made it a great watch.

  • Magadheera



    A good socio fantasy with great cinematography, music and a decent story. Never boring. Unique and commercial, hence a huge hit.