Surya Sai has written 5 reviews for films rated ★★★ .

  • Dabbe: The Possession

    Dabbe: The Possession


    WWW (thabelew thabelew thabelew). This scene was both a revelation and a laugh riot.
    FF format is well done. Some tighter editing and lesser screams in the last would've surely made this a "WELL-DESERVED" CULT film.

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    I love Ka(i)jus.
    So two Ka(i)jus generally means delicious.
    Ka(i)ju on Ka(i)ju action is ultra delicious.

    Here one Ka(i)ju has the option of frying other ka(i)jus and the other can communicate.
    Humans bad bad bad before Ka(i)jus.
    Less humans, more Ka(i)jus, better film.
    Robotic Ka(i)ju is cliche and not delicious.
    PS: Kaju is a famous Indian sweet.

  • Hide and Seek (Lapachhapi)

    Hide and Seek (Lapachhapi)


    The set-up, performances and the strong message give this horror flick a refreshing make-over unlike the regular cliche horror films.

    I don't have much to tell about this, but in one line, if you are fan of horror films DONOT MISS IT.

    If you are not so much into horror films, give it a try. It is sensible and might change your opinion.!

  • Looper



    Predestination + Terminator + Primer.
    But it isn't good as any of the above.
    The sole thought of inducing high octane action sequences alongside family sentiment is really good. But branding it as a good time travel film would be ridiculous.
    The ending, though it seemed to tie the knots, it has left a lot of open threads and the end hair brush by Emily blunt gives rise to new doubts.
    Watch it with liberal jurisdiction over…

  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night


    When the world out there is praising it in volumes, I felt it to be a decent sci-fi drama and nothing more.
    One thing is for sure, making a sci-fi drama with a shoe string budget is really great and moreover you never feel it to be a low budget film. The color, scenes and the town surely take you to a different era and world!
    Keeping those amazing technicalities aside, I felt the film to be slowly…