Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

Perfect day to watch the Friday the 13th movie that takes place the day after Friday the 13th.

A lot of people don't like Part III...and I can't say I blame them. I have quite a soft spot for it since it's the first Friday the 13th I saw, though it's definitely not a series highlight. BUT there are some notable positives in my opinion:
- Andy and Debbie have great death scenes.
- Richard Brooker is effective & underrated as Jason. Not only is his Jason physically imposing, he's got both a lackadaisical swagger and a bit of a darkly-gleeful confidence/arrogance to him.
- Shelley is by far the most believable and realistic character of the group (even if he is annoying to some). He's the precursor to Jimmy in The Final Chapter.

Beyond that, everything else is kinda meh.

I still cherish it regardless.

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