Throne of Blood

Throne of Blood ★★★★½

I meeean, the costumes aLONE! 

This is essentially Macbeth by way of Noh theatre and I love it. Toshiro Mifune’s Washizu, with his hyper stylized facial hair (GOD that goatee is sick) has set his face in a static frown that slowly cracks along with his psyche; Isuzu Yamada’s Asaji is a portrait of demure ladyship—round, porcelain face, pinched features, neatly tied hair—until she, too, loses her mind in the bloodshed.  

I can’t think of a more perfect place to transplant the story of Lord Macbeth than feudal Japan, fixing the ethics of loyalty and succession into bushido code, and attaching the supernatural elements to Shinto folklore. It’s just a total chef’s kiss, a match made in Heaven. And though this isn’t a 1:1 adaptation, I have absolutely zero doubt Kurosawa could’ve pulled that off too.

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