Squid Game

Squid Game ★★★★★

The surprise hit from Korea. At first I didn't think much about it, I watch this film (actually a miniseries, but I see miniseries as long films) and ... well, you can tell from the rating.

Some films can hardly be put into words. Some films can only be felt. When I saw Suid Game, I felt everything. Fear and grief. Joy and serenity. Anger and hatred. My eyes partially filled with water. The names of the characters are still buzzing in my head. I ran a marathon with them. I embarked on a journey that made my legs shaky. So many incredible twists and turns. Such well-written characters ... I grew very fond of them or I despised them ... Ali ...): Such good acting ... Tension from beginning to end ... A bath of emotions. More cruel than any roller coaster.

And yet it's the human aspect of the film that makes it so ... wow. The film paints the picture of us humans. It captures the complexity of us exactly. The complexity of our society. This film haunted me to my sleep and beyond. No words do justice to him. I think you can only feel it. And that's what the film is doing right now. He casts a spell over millions of people. Incredible...

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