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  • Black Liberation

    Black Liberation

    watched here

  • Conversation Piece

    Conversation Piece

    he just wants to attack our corrupt capitalist bourgeois society. you're talking about a society that doesn't exist anymore...

    it does exist. and it's more dangerous now than ever, because it's disguised

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  • Cats


    i am scared to go to sleep. and, in my waking life, i will now live in fear that if i come across a cat in any form, human or feline, it will trigger the parasite that this movie lodged in my brain and force me to commit unspeakable acts.

    just as the hell the jellicle cats inhabit is a place completely removed from time and space, the film utterly lacks any consideration for these same constructs. i couldn't tell…

  • Black Panthers

    Black Panthers

    ...the united states has declared war on black people. she did that when she took the first black man from africa. now of course she's never said so in words... but the united states to this day has not declared war on vietnam. but, they're in vietnam. they have not declared war in north korea. but, they fought in north korea. and they did not declare war on the indians. she just wiped them out