Twenty One Pilots: Livestream Experience

Twenty One Pilots: Livestream Experience ★★★★★

Twenty One Pilots was my favorite band for like 5 or/ u 6 years (6 years and still surprising) there was no song that I did not like but since Dema and all that shit that makes your head explode and the arrival of the last singles left me to attract a little,

Any change is good but not so drastically, Scaled and Icy is well below the last Top albums, but if it is true that I think it is the most mature (Even more than Trench) After the Storm the sun rises, and without doubtless knows what he's doing,
I still miss the nostalgic old sound that was the Self Titled and Vessel, but it's always good to hear something innovative,

Not only was writing enough, they also prepared a choreography, Dancing actors, various stages, and the Setlist with almost the entire discography, possibly one of the best experiences,

✺ ψ ||-// ☬ ғ̶ᴘ̶ᴇ̶

Fuaa Aguante Top señoras y señores y alto Livestream se mandaron, al igual que el Álbum una obra de arte

Bounce Man, Shy Away, Formidable y Mulberry Street, las mejores

Stay Alive ⊬

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