Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★

Watched in 35mm at the New Beverly w/ introduction by Wright and co-writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns

Came in expecting the most in its visuals and technique, and it definitely met that. Wright and crew excelled in their mission in crafting a love letter to Soho in all its glamour and vices, the nightlife scenes intoxicated with energy in contrast to monotony of present daytime scenes as they merge together in a bad fucking trip. I was in awe the whole time whenever the 60’s were revisited, and it wasn’t only because of ATJ

However, when it comes to the story itself, there sadly were parts that fell short. It’s like it was created solely around Eloise and Sandy, which by itself is still strong, but the supporting characters (mainly from the present era) were just an after-thought. John’s character is just there trying to be Ellie’s emotional support, when more than half of his lines is him calling out her name and asking if she’s okay. Besides him there’s no one else besides her asshole classmate. There was potential in having these characters (not exclusively) bring something more, but remain static. BUT it’s hard having this completely detract from the film considering all the strengths of it.

And regarding everything in the 3rd act: at first, I was caught a little off-guard, thinking that this would’ve contradicted what the rest of the film wanted to communicate. However, as it progressed it’s clear that it remains true to its initial message, under the surface of any place like Soho is a predatory world that can turn your dreams against you

So even though it falls just short of being perfect, I still really fucking enjoyed this

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