Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

Colour: A Brief History

I am a person who needs colour. It's not that I just like it, I feel like my mind is deeply connected to it. Every thought, every memory is accompanied by colour and when I think about certain words, they are coloured. For example, Tuesday is yellow while January is brown. I don't think I have synesthesia though, as I can't say that what I'm describing is that powerful. Maybe it is common and you can understand it or maybe not. Anyway, my point is that there's a problem: I live in Athens.

Athens is a pretty colourless city, especially its center. It mainly consists of ugly, grey-white buildings from the 60s-70s. It goes without saying that this is a matter of taste and that I also like particular areas of the city but I think no Athens citizen would deny that our city could have more colour. I don't know if the lack of colour in the place I live in made me "colour-addicted" but during the past 4 or 5 years I can say that life finds me in a constant search for colour. And with it being largely unavailable in my surroundings, I started looking for it in art. It is no coincidence that I love highly descriptive and vivid books and that some of my truly beloved painters are Vincent Van Gogh, Leonid Afremov and Phan Thu Trang; their use of colours is ravishing.

As a consequence, I am particularly attracted to films with captivating imagery. If a film is filled with colours, aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning there is little chance I'll dislike it, no matter its screenplay. The phrase "style over substance" rarely ever does apply to me and that is because when I see a film, my first and foremost need is to watch something beautiful. That is not to say of course that I can't enjoy a film that's not visually special but it just so happens that my favourite ones usually have that extra feature.

Finally, having talked about everything except the film in question I will proceed and say that Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is one of the greatest visual achievements in the history of the medium that I know of. I didn't like everything about it but if I gave it anything other than 5 stars I'm pretty sure I would die and disintegrate into colour as a punishment (although this is a death I'd be happy to experience). Its animation is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Almost every shot is a chromatic work of art that other films could only wish to have just in a single frame. At some point, during the final battle, I didn't pay attention to the characters fighting. I was just observing the interaction between the colours. Relentlessly merging, each colour co-existed with its counterparts, creating a visual feast that made my senses reach a very welcome overload. It is a perfect comic-book adaptation and maybe the absolute testimony that we'll never be able to create a perfect live-action comic-book film; this colour-celebration can't be filmed in real life.

As an epilogue, I'll say this: Although I have myopia, sometimes I take my glasses off, so that my distant environment becomes blurry. This way, there are no shapes, no borders. Just colours, merging.

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