The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★

only a very very specific type of person would be willing to become a puppeteer and, boy, unfortunately for volter, he fit the bill perfectly

eugh. seriously, irredeemably creepy, there. skin crawling throughout the entire second half, in all honesty. its a shame; weronika resonated quite well with me, actually. shes some divine inspiration, moving the world through here, manipulating her own perception and reveling in the everyday marvel of it. then along comes veronique, and its all creepy, marionette-like predestination and doom and gloom. why? i mean, obviously there doesnt have to be an strictly rational, logical why - dont be mistaken for a second that i ever expect that from my cinema - but even emotionally, its difficult to parse why i looked at one and then spent so long meditating on the other. especially when the second storyline was much less comfortable and meaningful, in my honest opinion. i dunno.

plus, how uncomfortable was the transition between the two? geez. we go from divine artistic inspiration to suddenly strangely absurd death, just a touch too gimmicky and schticky for my taste, in all honesty, when weronika still stands to me as some icon in and of herself. did i mention how much i hate pov shots? god. and then that horrible, bizarre, amniotic rebirth as we watch veronique make love... for what? of what? sigh. and i usually adore movies about doubles, too, but no matter how many cool reflecting-glass shots this thing can have, i cant quite get on the bandwagon.

theres a solidly cool, vague little deconstruction at play here, especially with its 1991 timestamp, sure, with the puppeteer (eugh) and all of the story doubling and the dissolution of plot - narrative instead as just a loosely connected series of intrigues - and even maybe some cinematic gender politics (male narrative/female protag) or something about shared consciousness...? which seems to be the main point most folks pick up on. all that is really, truly left behind, however, is an emotional core that ultimately has to be pretty hit-or-miss. obviously for most people this is a damn solid hit, but for me it has to fall by the wayside. pity. at least the entire thing looks like christmas, i guess?

also, yoohoo, im finally free and have time to watch for movies! for the next, uhhh..... like five days only, in all honesty. whoops. no rest for the wicked, but hopefully ill power through some of the watchlist, now.

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