Happy Together

Happy Together ★★★★½

It all kind of came together why I love Wong Kai Wai so much when I was watching this. The best way I can put it is that he's a humanist Terrance Malick. I don't want that to cheapen either of them, I'm only using the phrase to give you an idea of how well he can make his characters project their inner most desires, with help from swirling cameras, and eye popping landscapes. This is probably the most direct portrait of romance I've seen in a Wai film yet. Fallen Angels showed the bleakness of connecting with others, In the Mood the deep sense of longing, and Chunking the glamorous version of the topic, but Happy Together is the most forward and upfront. It shows the pain, and the joy that can come of it, and the two leads give themselves over fully to Wai's vision to sell this. It's heart breaking at times, but thats a reminder we sometimes need.