Ritual ★★★★½

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Man i’m speechless.

I can’t create any coherent thoughts of this movie. It’s a stunning work of art. Its such a perfect and beautiful film. From the literal beautifully awe score that had my heart warm up to its mesmerizing cinematography, it was certainly a gorgeous film to look at and watch. it was such a beautifully made film. So many scenes in this movie left me in awe because of how beautiful they were filmed. I actually haven’t seen some sequences that were this gorgeous in such a long time and a lot of filmmaking stuff felt so refreshing and different and sooo good. I can’t explain why but this managed to hit hard for me. It made me feel something indescribable, just like End of Evangelion and the show. The haunting and somewhat striking imagery reminded me a lot of Evangelion. And even a lot of themes presented paralleled Evangelion. From loneliness to depression to isolation to self-hatred, etc. however the film’s central theme is escapism and it explored on it beautifully.

My experience for this is indescribable (besides that it took forever to finish bc I had to pause several times to do something) but there’s no denying this was a beautiful watch. If this grows on me I might as well put this in my top 100. Loved this sm. Hideaki Anno is an exceptional filmmaker that makes beautifully awe projects. If you loved Evangelion, you would love this even if this doesn’t reach the height of it.

still tho, I highly recommend everyone to check this out. Deserves more attention.

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