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  • Westworld



    "Nothing can possiblie go wrong."

  • Portrait of Jason

    Portrait of Jason


    "It only hurts...when you think of it. And if you're real, you'll think of it a long, long time."


    "And the poor old man had a heart attack. You know? I don't miss him at all."

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  • Aliens



    Did the math, and I do believe, on a purely technical level, "Get away from her you bitch!" does in fact pass the Bechdel test.

  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby

    Young Baz Luhrmann: "Hey mom! Look what I found in the dumpster: it's some old book!"

    Mom Luhrmann: "Honey, put that thing back where you found it and get back to filming me throwing glitter at your father."

    Young Baz: "But ma! It's got some superficial romance and a melodramatic tragedy of an ending and some subtle political commentary that I can wash over if not ignore completely!"

    Mom: "Well, okay honey, I'll let you read it just this one…