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  • mother!



    Seems like he tried so very hard to make a point in the most obscurely artistic way possible. Poor marketing of this film probably lead many people astray.

  • The Boss

    The Boss


    Enjoyable enough all the way through.

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  • Seven Pounds

    Seven Pounds


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I had a hard time settling on the rating for this one largely because I loved it  after my first watch in 2008. 
    Second time around, my brain kicked in. I just couldn't get over the ethics, science and general lack of reality that was necessary to pull on heartstrings. Give me some lawyers getting in the way of donor requests and ACTUAL SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE transplants, and you might get another star out of me.

  • It


    The only thing surprising was finding out this was only "Chapter One" when it got to the end of the film. 

    1 star for relentless mom jokes
    -4 stars for complete lack of plot 

    Apparently, this might be more redeemable if you've watched the original. As a newbie with no prior knowledge, I never got any satisfaction of even knowing where to start with trying to make sense of this.

    I'd rather re-watch Stranger Things or Stand By Me for what I think "It" was trying to accomplish.