Gemini Man

Well, if you go to the movies to be spoon fed as if you were suffering thirty second amnesia or possibly need a break from all the thought provoking dialogue you carry on in an average day life with friends, enemies, kindergarteners or politics, then may you watch this utter yawn fest. Poorly scripted, lazily constructed and even though the iota of a pulse I had ratchet up from the action scene... or two, I couldn’t help but believe this movie would have ended with a freeze frame laugh and high five moment. You know back in the day of practical movie effects they used to make body doubles believable, instead the cgi constructed will smiths battle unconvincingly as they defy physics, gravity with how their bodies movie shape shift in inconsistency of size and texture. Its amazing people bother, better graphics in a metal gear solid cut scene. Will Smith too has lost his charm to seem roguish whizened and graying hair, though carries the aw shucks charisma with his aging hit man. I’d expect this level of narrative story telling in a B plot in a comedy that didn’t have enough funny scenes for ninety minutes. 
Again ang Lee proves his focus on superior graphics seems to have lost sight on being one of the best directors, to perhaps needing to be read the Miranda rights of film prison. He needs a time out to think about what he did!