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  • Russian Terminator

    Russian Terminator


    There's this Russian ninja & lots of looking at people looking at people looking, crossed with intrigue. It's all on Youtube.

  • If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?

    If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?


    Legendarily tasteless piece of Christian exploitation anti-communist agitprop trash with some incredible scenes & lines of dialogue; alternates between the outrageousness & tedium of a sermon. A kid in middle school whose parents made him watch it, hoping it would save his perverted soul, later became a communist. "Christianity is stupid." Good times.

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  • The Flying Luna Clipper

    The Flying Luna Clipper


    Was settled on a firm 3.5 until the Gravity Dance sequence, then from that moment on the thing became sublime ... "What a strange monkey the human race is."

  • mother!



    I guess I didn't see the movie Aronofsky seems to think he made (judging from statements I've read), but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway? The sound design is incredible (that repeating sound like dropping coins & all the creaking). Saw it alone with only three other dudes in the theater—they loudly expressed their displeasure at the end & could be found wrestling in the parking lot afterward. There's supposedly a clue in the end credits that explains why the title is not capitalized but I couldn't be bothered.