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  • Wolf Creek

    Wolf Creek


    Gets a bit cosmic toward the end, but that's Australia for you.

  • glory



    Of particular note is the experience of feeling the slow movement from light into darkness that occurs toward the end of the video. The depth of this experience depends upon the audience’s habituation to seeing the image illuminated by daylight, as it has for the previous 90 minutes or so. The impact of this sudden but gradual change is not fully grasped intellectually, but is understood at some deeper, almost biological level. It is experienced . The image at nightfall,…

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  • The Dungeonmaster

    The Dungeonmaster


    all that just to get engaged

  • The Flying Luna Clipper

    The Flying Luna Clipper


    Was settled on a firm 3.5 until the Gravity Dance sequence, then from that moment on the thing became sublime ... "What a strange monkey the human race is."