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  • Skin


    I laughed out loud in the theater at the revelation. It may have been embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as the people who didn’t know why I found it so hilarious when it was trying to be profound.

    As an absurdist Boots Riley or Chappelle Show gag, maybe. As an attempt to seriously confront racism in America, no. 

    Just… no.

  • Detainment


    The child actors were great. It’s not something I would ever watch again, and it’s hard to find a strong justification for dramatizing the harrowing true crime when it provides no insights into their minds or the massive backlash they received from a disgusted community. As it stands, it feels like sensationalism, and knowing that Detainment was produced without input or knowledge from the families forms an unpleasant black cloud.

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  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    "Can I have your MP3 player when you're dead? Please, please, please?"

    The minute the lights went up in the theater after The Killing of a Sacred Deer flashed its final title card was less welcoming of the awkward chuckle and relaxing exhale from The Witch last year in the same room with a similar audience. Instead there was pure silence. You could hear a pin drop before people finally arose from their seats and prepared to leave, all stricken…

  • Jackie



    Rising and falling string instruments, shifting from major to minor. Muted colors captured by grainy yet vivid Super 16 film, keeping most subjects center frame. An extreme close-up of Natalie Portman in hysterics, wiping blood from her face and caked in her glossy and painful eyes. All of these elements are within the film's first twenty minutes or so, and set the stage for what kind of biopic Jackie will be.

    Using the real Jackie Kennedy's Life magazine interview as…