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  • The Minimalists: Less Is Now

    The Minimalists: Less Is Now


    I like the idea in theory and would to practice it but if you have children, that pits a stop to it. My daughter likes to collect things that she calls treasures that I swear she found outside in the playground. I’m always afraid she is going to bring home and old battery or a needle. It use to be worse at daycare but now she is on to school, it’s only stuff here and there. I just hope my son doesn’t start her lifestyle and getting random stuff .

  • Alien



    It’s so damn good. It’s got a slow start to it but once it starts to build up momentum it doesn’t let up. The tension in the last 25 minutes is unbearable. I really need to catch this on the big screen sometime. It’s without a doubt a classic film that spawned a franchise for better or worse and still spawns its own books and DIY films. I’m guilty of reading the books that continue on the series. None of them will compare two this and Alien but it doesn’t stop them from trying.

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  • Searching for Bobby Fischer

    Searching for Bobby Fischer


    A misleading film title. They never even looked for the guy.

  • Zodiac



    A intriguing film about obsession that reminds me in someways of Zero Dark Thirty in how the main character kind of loses their place in live because they are so focused on it. Fincher's amazing camera work steals the show. I am amazed that this film didn't get nominated for an Oscar.