Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

18 films over ten years to bring all of these characters together in one film is quite the accomplishment. Not all of the film flowed as well as it wanted to but most of it worked seamlessly. There isn’t a lot of character development in this film and to be honest, it would be difficult to do for all of them. Lots of the characters seem to be in this film for their power and joke opportunity. I’m not sure I bought the further relationship development of Vision and Scarlett Witch. It seemed rather forced after Civil War as did the two of them checking in. I wanted there to be an Iron Man and Cap scene but I hope that we will get that in the sequel. Thanos really brought something special to this film with weight of what they were all fighting for and he had more depth than most of the villains. The henchvillains seemed to be throw away characters that i didn’t care about even if Carrie Coons voiced one. The film left me wanting more and all I can say is that it did its job and will make a lot of money.

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