Becoming Bond

Becoming Bond ★★★★

I watched Everything or Nothing about five years ago and it had George Lazenby in it talking about some crazy stuff. He was talking about about the studio hiring hookers to prove he wasn't gay since he was a model, taking lsd and not liking the role. I have always been intriguied about him and why he quit. This movie offers some of it but more it seems of him telling this off the wall insane stories that are humorous  and probably have some truths in it. He talks about trying to seduce a woman but having a bit of diarrhea that stopped him from seducing her. It turns out to be his long lost love that he still regrets. He talks about thinking his penis possibly blowing up after his first orgasim inside a woman but it turns out it was still there. This is some of the wonderfully weird stories he tells and they capture him pretty well for the odd fellow he is. I quite liked On Her Majesties Secret Service and I liked the weirdo George is.

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