Fever Pitch ★★★½

I love Nick Hornsby books and like the few adaptations that I have seen of his movies, but I have never seen this one until I thou8ght about checking to see if it was on netflix. This movie is really good and has some great performances in it and has a really young Mark Strong in it.
I think what is so good about this film is that it shows what most people experience when they love teams is that it sometimes reflects them and how they feel because if your team is stuck in a rut and you care so much about the team, that sometimes your life can feel like you are stcuk in a rut as well. I think that I remember him in the books talking about how much he hated the team because he felt like he should like another team out of spite because other teams do so much better than his team and in the book, he had blamed his dad for making him watch their games and fall in love with their team and now he is stuck with this curse which I think is universal for most people in all of their sports not mattering if it is basketball, baseball or soccer. I think that when a team wins big, we all feel like we had won.
I think Nick Hornsby is good at capturing men in what they are feeling, thinking and doing and will continue with the books that he writes and hopefully his other books will be made into movies soon.