Starred Up

Starred Up ★★★★

This is one of those films that doesn't hold back the message that it is trying to get across. This film is relevant in not just Britain, but pretty much all over the world. I know that in the states it goes the same way where a parent might be gone from their life and then the kids life falls apart and then end up doing things that they regret and the end up in jail. We send a lot of kids like this their, not to say that they don't deserve to be in there for the crimes they committed but is them going their really an answer to the big issues. In this film, the kid didn't have his parents around so instead, he end up going to jail for stuff and meets his real dad there and he talks about the consequences of not having a good parent around him. A person who performs therapy in the prison wants to get him in it to help him deal with some of his issues, but there is always that jaded guy who works at it seems almost everywhere that doesn't think people can change and always has it out for him. Doesn't this story sound familiar because it does for me. This film doesn't want to shy away from what life is like in prison. It doesn't try to glamorize it or show it to be unrealistic. It reminds me a little of OZ but Oz was more scary than this film is. This film just seems to be more realistic and show that change can happen if it is given a chance. A great film that has some phenomenal acting in it. Certainly one of this years best.

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