Stevie ★★★★½

This documentary show what should and could have been rather than the white trash hell that Stevie lives in. I must say that I'm very torn about the character because as human beings, we are taught to forgive people for their actions because we error as well but then again, some crimes are easier to forgive than others. He was raped and molested so therefore he did it to an eight year child but did he understand what he was doing. Shoukd some of the blame reside in the fact that the parents should have never let him babysit their kid. What is that kid like now? What would have happened if he had stayed with the good foster parents? This film shows is examples of how his life might have been but it never gives us an answer just always let's us ponder. Stevie is a guy who just always seems to make poor choices. Steve James the director seems like he is the one who bears some of the burden because he wasn't around him after he quit being a big brother and moved to Chicago. I must admit that I felt sorry for him at times and other times I felt like he deserved what he got. Steve James knows how to direct a film and lets the facts lay upon the table and you choose to make it what you want it to be. A very solid film that remains unseen.