The Babadook ★★★★½

This is a horror film that is more real than most people would like to admit because being a parent and dealing with a screaming child is tough. This movie fleshes it out. It reminds me a little of The Shinning in some aspects because she is deprived out of almost all of her pleasures in life ever since she had this kid. She lost her husband, friends, sex life and fun due to having her kid. I do think her child is kind of a brat which is due a little to bad parenting and also the fact that she never got a break from her son because even when she is at work, she has to deal with being a caretaker to older people and there is a guy there who clearly likes her but instead of her getting to be with him, she used him as a way to go and get some alone time in her car because that is the only place she gets a break. I can understand completely in having a hard time in dealing with wild kids considering my nephew was over and it was like wild times in this movie minus monster killing. I think it is rare for films like this to exist because people want to see films that are gory and have not so great plots because not much respect is given to the horror genre and films like this being it back. This film begs for you to give it the praise that it deserves while other horror fans will laugh and make fun of it.

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